"The Flora of Bensonhurst," is composed of six sets of laminated glass windows, a permanent public artwork commissioned by NYC's Metropolitan Transit Authority's for the 71st Street Station on the D Line in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Completed in 2012. These drawn images of plants were observed within a 6-block radius of the 71th Street D Line subway station. Reproduced in laminated glass, the results are an elegant and highly specific tribute to the flora of Bensonhurst, an echo of earliest, wildest Brooklyn. With a translucent quality, the windows function as a light box, illuminated on the station platform during daylight and dramatically visible from the street at night.

JOAN LINDER Flora of Bensonhurst - MTA Permanent Public Artwork Laminated Glass
Flora of Bensonhurst
Laminated Glass

Permanent Art Work for the MTA at the 71st Station on the D Line, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Flora of Bensonhurst - MTA Permanent Public Artwork